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         We invite you to join us in our lovely sanctuary for worship together to 
         our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.   You will be made to feel 
         welcome and will be blessed by a service focused on and glorifying God.

      Service Style             

     Every week our worship services are Christ centered.  The combination of contemporary music and traditional hymns 
     lead us to hearing a message from the Word of God, and services culminate with communion service.

  • We have a praise team who lead our blended song service of contemporary songs and traditional hymns.  

  • Each Sunday a part of our worship includes the giving of our offerings.  Jesus, in the New Testament, talked much about the 
         importance of our attitude toward money and our willingness to share with others.  We also believe as members of this congregation it 
         is our obligation to support the ministries and missions with who we have selected to partner.  Visitors need not feel obligated to give. 

  • The song service leads us to the Word.  Chuck presents sermons from the Scriptures, usually within a series, teaching from God's Word and exhorting us to live more committed Christian lives.

  • An important part of our worship service is  the Lord's Supper.  We believe this brings everything together in fellowship with our Lord. It is a way to remember His death, burial and resurrection and a proclamation of His Lordship.  We welcome everyone to participate.

Serving together, sharing the good 
news of Jesus with the world.
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