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Our joy is that the Kingdom of God will continue to have an active presence in the Allen Park. We look forward to watching what God will do in the future.
Serving together, sharing the good 
news of Jesus with the world.
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About Us
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The history and journey of the Christian Church of Allen Park has been one including great struggles, times when ministry was a challenge. The journey also presented us with great victories as well. We have been personally and fully vested in missions both foreign and domestic alike. Likewise we have been engaged in new church starts in the Downriver area of metropolitan Detroit. 
It all started in Allen Park with the 1964 ground breaking on the farm land adjacent to the farm house on Ecorse Rd; our first meeting place in Allen Park. 

The first service was held there August 29, 1965. 
December 31, 2017 was the last Corporate Worship time for the Christian Church of Allen Park. The church thought it was better to step aside and let God continue His work in Allen Park in new and different ways. We view this transition not as an end, but rather a hand off likened to a baton in a distance race. Our leg is complete and another continues. 

In 2013, the Christian Church of Allen Park graciously decided to share the building with Southpoint Community Christian Church. In 2016, the building was turned over into the care of Southpoint.